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New Address

29 May

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day Weekend! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved One World, One Plate to So update your browsers! Everything moved over and nothing was lost. I just decided to move things over because it gave me more control over the site then hosting the site at did.

The only hiccup is if you subscribed to this website via email, you will have to do so again on the new site. I’m really sorry, but I swear I won’t move it again! If you haven’t subscribed yet, subscribing allows new posts to be delivered straight to your inbox. Give it a try!

Thanks again for your continued support! I am looking forward to working on this project more and more!


Life Happens

27 Apr

So I promised myself that it wouldn’t happen, but it did. I let life get in the way of my updating this site. I prefer to keep the reasons why I’ve been M.I.A. private for now, but it looks it feels like things should sort of be settling down soon so I will be able to dedicate more time to One World One Plate. In the meantime, can I offer you some spinach artichoke dip (with tortilla chips, of course)?


Thanks again for sticking with me and I hope that you’ve eaten well over the past few weeks!! Stay tuned for the defining food of Cambodia, Lok Lak.

Elephant Food – Plus an Update!

16 Feb

I recently had the opportunity to travel to South East Asia and hangout with some elephants. I won’t go into the details now, but it was one of the most excellent days of my life. Anyway, the photo above is a photo of a basket of food I got to feed an elephant. Really elephants a lot more food than this, but this is just a sample of a snack. The basket contains bananas, bamboo and pumpkin. Who knew that elephants eat pumpkin?

Also, I just wanted to post that I have not forgotten – like an elephant (get it) – about this project. Since returning from my trip it has taken longer than I want to get back in the swing of everything I want to do. Don’t worry though, I have a lot of interesting things planned for this site. And I can’t wait to tell you about the food I experienced while traveling through South East Asia!

Just sit tight, a new post will be up by the end of the week!

(photo taken by staff at Patara Elephant Farm)